Our Products

Pour In Place Basement Windows

     Structurally designed to handle the rigors of site life while still providing a sleek and modern look, the high efficiency test levels achieved by our Pour In Place window will provide energy savings making them an easy 1st choice for many builders.

     Our vinyl composition also insures trouble free operation and minimal maintenance for home owners. 

Replacement Basement Window Inserts

     Strategically engineered to turn any unsightly and drafty basement window into a energy saving masterpiece. 

     Our replacement window design works for both old steel basement windows and can also be customized to any basement openings with cost conscious prices in mind.

Window Sizes

Integral Window Systems offers a wide variety of Standard Window Sizes. 

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Integral Window Systems Standard White Vinyl is a simple and elegant choice that complements any home. 

TAN 306

Our Tan 306 is a great option for those looking for more of a subtle tone that will blend seamlessly with the exterior finishing. 


Two-toned Pebble is only available for our Pour In Place windows. This colouring scheme provides the best of both worlds with our Standard White Vinyl on the inside of the window and our stunning Pebble Vinyl on the outside.


Integral Window System offers an endless selection of breath taking colours, however if there isn't one that catches your eye we are always open to exploring new and unique colours.